Subject: Kid's Program

Bullying is a major issue for today's youth. It is a constant problem at schools, parks and playgrounds. Anywhere kids hang out. Good kids have no choice but to know how to handle these types of situations in a positive and proactive manner so as to avoid being a victim. Krav Maga has developed a program specific to Bullying Prevention. The techniques and tools in these lessons will help your children avoid, diffuse, and, in the worst case, defend themselves against threats. It is no longer enough to assume your kids won't be affected by bullying. Instead you must prepare them for when the situation arises.

Course: Kids Self-Defense

Lead InstructorMatt Romond
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Nobody wants their child to be a victim and unfortunately in today's society there are endless situations in which young people are put in danger. Good kids often don't know how to handle these types of situations and that feeds the cycle. It is critically important that every young person has the tools in which to prevent being bullied and if things escalate to a point of no avoidance, to confidently defend themselves. This course teaches those tools based on the proven, real-world techniques of Krav Maga.
Lessons in this Course: