Subject: Seminar Series

Krav Maga Worldwide gives specialized seminars throughout the world helping people learn how to defend themselves. These courses are based on those seminars.

Course: 7 Skills to Save Your Life

Lead InstructorsBas RuttenAmir Perets
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $197.00
Even if you have no martial arts training, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten & world-renowned self-defense expert Amir Perets will arm you with EVERYTHING you need to know!
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Women's Self-Defense

Lead InstructorKelly Campbell
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $49.99
Krav Maga Worldwide Academy brings you the KMWA Women’s Self-Defense Course: a course specifically designed to address the epidemic of violence against women.  The Women’s Self-Defense course aims to build confidence in women, teach them to avoid potentially dangerous situations, and educate them on how to fight back in the event of an assault.  The course includes four detailed lessons: Krav Maga and the Survival Mindset, Awareness and Avoidance, Boundaries, and Fighting Back.  All of these lessons work together toward the ultimate goal of teaching women how to keep themselves safe.
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Defenses Against Handgun Threats

Lead InstructorsDarren LevineJon Pascal
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $49.99
The world is a dangerous place. There are a lot of weapons out there and they are not always in the hands of the good guys. In this specialized Krav Maga course, Darren Levine teaches techniques to allow you to defend yourself when threatened with a handgun. Darren goes into detail on the different types of threats, identifying your best options, and the methods necessary to take control of the situation.
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Breathwork for Warriors

Lead InstructorErik Milosevich
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $19.99
This interactive course focuses on two different breathing methods. First; breathing while striking - join along and throw a few strikes while focusing on your breathing. Second; follow along with Erik while he teaches a deep breathing practice to work out your cardiovascular system, connect to your nervous system and relieve stress.
Lessons in this Course: