Subject: Core Krav Maga

Core Krav Maga covers the primary techniques at each of the major belt levels. You will be able to learn the techniques in detail and in the future video test online and receive a certificate of knowledge.

Course: Core Krav Maga 1 - Yellow Belt Techniques

Lead InstructorMichael Margolin
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $139.99
This is the most critical course in Krav Maga. It covers all of the most important techniques of self defense. The lessons in this course will give you a functional knowledge of self-defense with hours of detailed, interactive instruction. For those looking to eventually test for a belt level in Krav Maga, this course will give you the techniques you need to master to reach yellow belt.Topics covered include Stances and Movement, Punches and Chops, Elbows, Kicks and Knees, Punch Defenses, Ground Fighting, and Self Defense techniques.
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Core Krav Maga 2 - Orange Belt Techniques

Lead InstructorsJohn MerkleMatt Romond
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $159.99

This is the second level course in Core Krav Maga. The techniques covered advance from Level 1. You will learn next level Basic Movement, Fall Breaks, Punches, Punch Defenses, Kicks, Kick Defenses, Chokes, Ground Positions, Bearhug Defense and Punch Defenses with Counter Attacks. Each lesson includes streaming video, slides, moderated forums, workbooks and a host of additional features.

Lessons in this Course: